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Landskrona Stad


Strategic and driven HR manager who wants to contribute to the city's continued development!


Landskrona is on the rise on many levels. New areas with accommodation close to the sea are emerging and more and more companies are choosing to establish themselves here. The location in the middle of the Öresund region with proximity to bathing and city, nature and culture attracts more and more people to move in, establish and visit. 

In the city of Landskrona with just over 3,300 employees, we work according to our value base BRA, where B stands for treatment, R for results and A for responsibility. Our core values must permeate our operations and we must be a workplace where you feel job satisfaction and pride. There is room here for you with courage and action and we give you the opportunity to develop. 


The assignment

As HR manager, you get a central role in the city with budget and performance responsibility for a department with a total of 24 employees. You lead the business through two unit managers. The assignment involves, together with the HR department, driving and leading the development and creating the conditions so that the city's overall goals and vision are implemented successfully. You work closely with the managers of the administrations and report to the city manager. You will play an important role in the city manager's management team with a focus on contributing to the development of the city as a whole.

Your assignment involves further developing the department, leading the strategic HR work and ensuring that the City of Landskrona delivers qualified and uniform HR support to the city's managers. You will have overall responsibility for all of the municipality's HR processes and that the HR department is perceived as a modern and proactive partner in line with the city's vision and values of being an attractive employer. You have a good understanding of the structural HR work and how to effectively develop and build a well-functioning organization.

Your profile

We are looking for a skilled leader who has a good ability to navigate different levels in a complex organization. Distinctive to your leadership are action, responsiveness and your communicative ability. You are results-driven and passionate about working with overall competence supply issues as well as development and change work. Your ability to make decisions creates clarity and leads to the business reaching set goals. As a leader, you value good treatment, are results-oriented and take responsibility, which leads to a culture where employees want and dare to try.



You have solid experience from working as a leader in a larger organization with overall competence supply issues as well as development and change work. Accustomed to playing an active and strategic role in these contexts, and a good organizational understanding.


You have good knowledge of labor law and strategic HR work and collaboration skills in relation to trade unions. Understanding of a politically driven organization and what it takes to navigate it to achieve success. You basically have college/university education in HR or other academic education that we deem relevant.



Please contact Petra Johnsson | pj@findexecutives, 0709-900888 or Suzanne Falk |, 0705-941036. Welcome with your application no later than 22/10.

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