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Samordningsförbundet Helsingborg


Now we are looking for a new head of the association who wants to lead and drive the development of the coordination association and its activities together with the association's board!

The Coordination Association in Helsingborg was formed in 2009 by the City of Helsingborg, Region Skåne, the Employment Agency and the Swedish Social Insurance Agency and offers opportunities to develop collaborative work between the parties together and based on local needs. The association's overall tasks are to contribute to and develop better welfare work together with the cooperating parties. The coordination association finances initiatives that two or more authorities apply to collaborate on. The initiatives that are granted funds are followed up and can be evaluated.

All efforts aim to strengthen support for the individual citizen, create more effective cooperative work and develop joint welfare work. For the collaborating parties, added value arises in the form of extended learning, exchange of experience and a broadened overall view. The business is regulated by the Act on financial coordination within the field of rehabilitation.

The assignment

As head of the association, you will lead and drive development of the coordination association and its activities together with the association's board. In the role, you will be given overall responsibility, which means responsibility for finances, business planning and management as well as follow-up of the budget, results and quality. As head of the association, you lead a smaller and efficient organization and have both a strategic and operational role with a focus on developing both cooperation and operations.


The head of the federation is a connecting link between the member parties who actively contributes to creating good conditions for cooperation. You will have an important role to assist the parties in leading assignments, driving and clarifying development efforts and working to develop work methods and continuous process improvements.


Your task will also be to be updated about the outside world, networking, responsible for follow-up and evaluation of the association's efforts. You report to the board.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a senior leader with leadership experience from public administration who has worked with strategically complex issues from a holistic perspective and is used to leading and developing cross-sector collaborations at different levels. You have had responsibility for budget and results.


Distinctive in your previous roles is the ability to create good relationships, listen in and pursue development issues that constantly improve the business. You are a good strategist and as a leader you are clear, goal-focused and communicative. Your lack of prestige creates the conditions to navigate between different stakeholders and contexts.


As a person, you are structured, organized and you are driven by leading through others and where the benefits of your work efforts are often obtained in other activities and contexts than in your own. You have a relevant understanding of what it is like to operate in the political landscape and how the processes around it work. You are stimulated by both working together with others and independently.

As head of the association, you get an opportunity to develop the business to the next level and create good conditions between the member parties. You get the opportunity to contribute to developing even better welfare work and collaborate with the collaborating parties and add added value in the form of extended learning, exchange of experience and a broadened overall view. An opportunity to work in a larger context and influence on a national level.

Contact & application

For more information please contact;

Petra Johnsson, 070 990 08 88 |

Welcome with your application!

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