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Suzanne Falk FXL


Recruitment is an important strategic issue and often absolutely decisive for the organization's success. A leader can change and elevate an entire organization or create the opposite effect. 

It is not the organization itself that changes but the individuals, which requires leaders with a high degree of awareness.  We want to make a difference by recruiting leaders who change and elevate people in an organization. Leaders who create other leaders! 


With solid experience, well-proven methods and a wide network of contacts, finder 

we leaders who strengthen and drive your business forward.


We also carry out a solid evaluation of leaders through assessment and offer background checks at various levels. In the area of Interim Management, we offer a network of experienced managers who are engaged through us for various assignments.

Kandidater poserar iför en intervju

FXL has developed a data-driven tool that enables working with a competence-based recruitment process already at the beginning of the process. 

We start with a current situation analysis and collect information about what needs and challenges exist? What does leadership look like today? What culture and values prevail in the workplace? Through our method, we create a process that anchors, includes and provides consensus to reduce bias, prejudice and opinions. It provides an objective and more efficient recruitment process with maintained quality.

FXL, Find Executives Sweden, was founded in 2022 by Petra Johnsson.

Petra has previously been a partner in a consulting company in the field of Executive Search and leadership development for many years and runs FXL together with Suzanne Falk, partner in the company. 


Suzanne has successfully run her own recruitment company for eight years and before that worked as an HR manager in the major construction companies in Sweden. 

Data forms the basis of a fact-based process - with a data-driven requirements profile, we reduce our own opinions and gain better substance and validity.

Suzanne Falk FXL

Susanne Falk

Suzanne Falk has a long-standing background as a recruitment consultant with a solid track record in the civil engineering sector and possesses a deep understanding of the industry, the requirements of different roles and an extensive knowledge of the candidate market. Suzanne has previously worked as HR manager in one of Sweden's largest companies in the civil engineering sector.


With a well-documented track record of lead time and successful recruiting, Suzanne has repeatedly created high-performing HR teams and leadership programs. She is educated at Uppsala University in economics, labor law and psychology, and is a certified user of several tools for leadership assessment.

Petra Johnson FXL

Petra Johnsson

Petra Johnsson has more than fifteen years of experience in recruiting for leading positions and specialist positions in both the private and public sector. With the help of Petra's professionalism, the recruitment process is efficiently led forward with great accuracy and high drive. Petra has solid experience in coaching and developing individuals' ability to think in new ways.


Petra is a market economist and has obtained her EMBA degree, Executive Master of Business Administration, from EFL in Lund, and supplemented her education with studies in behavioral science. She is also certified in various test tools and has extensive experience in conducting in-depth interviews and tests for qualified manager assessment.

Why FXL?

Our strength lies in our broad network that extends locally, nationally and internationally. As a member of the IMSA Search Global Partners network, which for the sixth year has been ranked among the 40 best suppliers globally, we can assist our clients and candidates with contacts and assignments regardless of where in the world they are located or plan to expand to.

We work with a competence-based process and scientifically recognized tools. We handle our assessments professionally so that the candidate feels seen, confirmed and at the same time challenged.

We effectively lead the recruitment process from start to finish for everyone involved. This creates good conditions for successful recruitment for our clients, the intended candidates and already existing employees within the organization.

We are often told by customers and partners that we have a high commitment and availability to meet customers and candidates.

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