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Möten och intervjuer med FXL Findexecutives


Our process is based on a competence-based recruitment process.


The companies that have a better diversity in their management groups and boards are 35% more likely to be better and have a higher profitability than the average.


When we know the current situation and the desired situation, we can ensure that it is the right profile we are looking for and that has what it takes to carry out the assignment.


We also take as our starting point the group's composition, leadership, prevailing culture that provides a better overall picture of the current situation.


The candidate feels just right but;


Do you sometimes trust your gut too much?


Who complements your leadership and the group best?


Who enables your, the group's and the business's success?


Our assessment means a safer and more objective assessment. We use well-proven methods with strong roots in modern research.


Do you need help for a shorter or longer period?


Do you need to make changes in the organization before recruiting a new leader?


We have a solid network of talented leaders and interim managers.


We mediate and help you!


What leader and leadership style is the organization looking for that may be your next assignment?

How does your leadership style fit into the assignment you are looking for?

Do you want to prepare to contribute to a good match for yourself and the organization?

Rule your mind or it will rule you.

Before the Interview_edited_edited.jpg

Prepare for your next leadership assignment!

Are you facing a situation where you are one of the final candidates for an assignment? Do you need help to package your experiences, be clearer in marketing yourself and your experiences?

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