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Kontor Landskrona rekrytering av FXL findexecutives




Do you want to help influence development in one of Scania's most exciting cities?

Landskrona is on the rise on many levels. New areas with seaside residences are emerging and more and more companies are choosing to establish themselves here. The location in the middle of the Öresund region with proximity to bathing and city, nature and culture attracts more and more people to move in, establish and visit.

In the city of Landskrona with just over 3,000 employees, we work according to our BRA values, where B stands for treatment, R for results and A for responsibility. Our core values must permeate all of our operations and we must be a workplace where you feel job satisfaction and pride. There is room here for you with courage and action and you get the opportunity to develop.

As an administrative manager within the technology administration, you get the opportunity to lead an operation that has a central role in the city's infrastructure and operations. You will have personnel and budget responsibility for the administration's approx. 130 employees and lead the operations through leaders for each area. You will also have an important role in the City Manager's management team and contribute to the development of the city as a whole.

The assignment

The administration is in a state of change with great opportunities to create an organization with healthy values and a good culture. As an administrative manager in technology, you are expected to build up a well-functioning administration and create an efficient, prosperous organization that delivers according to set goals. Within your area of responsibility is planning and managing the administration's budget and ensuring that sufficient resources are available to carry out the business effectively. In the role, your responsibility will be to ensure that technology management maintains a high quality by implementing routines, processes for evaluation and quality assurance. You will be an important cooperation partner for other administrations, Landskrona city's municipal company and the cooperation with external cooperation partners and contractors.



As a leader, you have previous experience of leading in change and building a well-functioning organization. You have a natural ability to build relationships and collaborate effectively to achieve common goals. Your success factor, and common thread in your previous assignments, is your leadership, where you skillfully led change and made others want to follow you. You have courage, power of action and can make decisions. Your leadership is based on a clear vision and strategy and your communicative ability, which creates openness and clarity for all employees.


We are looking for

We are looking for you who are passionate about leadership with documented good results in developing both operations and employees. You have had budget and results responsibility and previous experience of leading other leaders, building an organization and culture that created high-performing teams. Your values are permeated by the desire to take responsibility, create good results and you have a good attitude towards those around you. You are known for contributing to a good working environment


You have extensive experience in leading operations and organizations and you have implemented changes that have produced good results. You have gained your experience in the public sector, either in administration, companies or in the private sector with the advantage of consulting companies. You have a good understanding of operational areas within VA, infrastructure, community properties and facilities. You have a technical background at university level or equivalent.

Contact & application

Are you interested in knowing more? Please contact;

Petra Johnsson, 070 990 08 88 |

We look forward to receiving your application!

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