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4 Ways to Follow Up After a Job Interview

Remember that the person who interviewed you may be handling many different positions, and if everyone they interviewed reached out to them, their inbox would be inundated with queries.

There are, however, a few exceptions to this “waiting” rule. More specifically, there are four times when it may actually be in your best interest to shoot the hiring manager a note.

First things first: at the end of your interview ask the hiring manager when you can expect to hear back from them about next steps. This date will help you determine when it’s most appropriate to follow up down the line.

What’s the first thing you focus on when searching for a new role?

If your answer is "job title," you’re not alone. But job titles are often misleading, and you may ultimately find yourself in a role that’s different from what you expected.

First, write down your answers to four simple questions:

o Who do I want to be around all day?

o What do I actually want to be doing?

o Where do I want to do it?

o And why do I want to do it?


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