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The job-search process

The job-search process is fraught with ups and downs, not to mention the angst that comes with the uncertainty about the future of your career and livelihood. You might be elated one moment to learn that you are a top candidate for a desired position only to be disappointed to find out that the job went to someone else — or perhaps you were unhappy with your performance in a job interview, but were later relieved to learn you’ve still made it to the next round of interviews. Maybe this few strategies can help in the emotional rollercoaster of the job search; Know what’s coming. The job search is a process that can be as short as several weeks, or more likely, several months. - Get support. Having someone to talk to throughout your job search, such as a career coach, therapist or a job-search work group can provide much-needed emotional support, beyond that of friends and family. - Engage in energizing activities. Make sure your days include activities that energize you, such as exercise, listening to your favorite music or some other activity that revitalizes you. Feelings are temporary, as are many of the situations that create them (such as a job search).


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